Next decade will be 'Years of Strikes':Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh

Author: Press Trust of India       Date: 03 Mar 2014 09:03:52

Accusing the Centre of ignoring the interest of labourers and workers and denying them their rightful wages and benefits, the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh today said the next decade would be the "Years of Strikes" as they would raise their voice with full force.


Speaking at the Sangh's national conference here, BMSpresident C K Saji Narayanan alleged the central government had been working against the interests of labourers, depriving crores of them of their rightful wages and benefits.


"The central government's policies are anti-labourers and anti-farmers... Some ministers, including those of finance and commerce ministries, have been putting pressure on the Labour Ministry for brining in anti-workers policies," he said.


He demanded that the minimum wage of labourers be raised to Rs 10,000 per month, and rejected the concept of National Floor Level Minimum Wage.


"There are close to 43 crore labourers in the county and they have to be covered under social security schemes. The condition of labourers in rural areas and execution of labour policies are very bad," he said at the inaugural session.


The government has now started withdrawing subsidies and is likely to withdraw itself from sectors like social security and banking, therefore in such scenario trade unions should strengthen themselves, Narayanan said.


Tine Stearmose, the Country Director of International Labour Organisation, said in the conference that there was a need to generate employment in order to overcome issues like poverty and social injustice.


"Gender indiscrimination, security of women and harassment at workplace are major concerns, and employment generation is the solution. Job creation along with decent working condition is needed to be at the centre of development in order to overcome poverty and inequality," Stearmose said.


She said female workers in trade unions were important for future of the Indian working class.


The conference will conclude on February 23.

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