Maharashtra government to formulate new labour policy

Author: BMS      Date: 22 Jul 2012 14:46:54

Maharashtra government is in the process of formulating a comprehensive labour policy in order to promote
harmonious relationship between employers and workers.
"The policy provides guidelines on the interaction between the workers and employers in the organised sector, on role of trade unions and employer's organisations and also guideline for protection of workers in the unorganised sector, including those who are self-employed," principal secretary (Labour) Dr Kavita Gupta, said.
The policy represents the statement of intentions of the government on labour and takes into account
pronouncements of the Central and state government on industry, employment, investment and infrastructure, safety and health, child labour and national policy on HIV/AIDS, etc.
The policy dwells on unorganised sector, safety and health at work, coverage of protection, contract labour, bilateral iteraction in workplaces, industrial dispute, social security, working and living conditions for labour, gender concerns, and issues related to union workers, migrant workers and disabled workers.
It also addresses issues like sexual harassment, labour standards and corporate social responsibility, Gupta said.
The policy aims at improving labour productivity, especially in the globalised scenario and focuses on creating a winwin situation for the labour and industries and promoting capacities through good practises which will enable state to face a globally competitive environment.
The draft Labour Policy was put on the government website in November last year and was available for suggestions and objections till March 10, she said.
Several suggestions and objections were received from various stakeholders including the managements, labour unions and other experts, Gupta said.
They are being considered to formulate the final policy which will shortly be put up for government approval, she added.

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