Union opposes labour proposals in the new NationalManufacturing Policy

Author: BMS      Date: 23 Jul 2012 13:06:45

Bharataiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS), the largest central trade union organization in India, has stated their opposition to the softer labour laws proposed in the new National Manufacturing Policy approved by the cabinet. Saji Narayanan C.K.
National President, BMS, says “This is against the public assurance by Ministry of Labour and employment that anti labour proposals have been removed from National Manufacturing Policy at its intervention. There is no labour law in the  country that is against country’s development or creating new manufacturing units. Including anti labour proposals in Manufacturing policy will only create opposition and there by work against the spirit of development of manufacturing sector.”
BMS had opposed the policies even in the draft stage. The sticking points in the draft included, Contract Labour Abolition Act being not be applicable to the units in the NMIZ, flexibility to downsize, restrictions on the right to join unions, Labour Laws be made more flexible, employment of women in three shifts, maintaining
temporary status of employees, extension of shift hours, ease the burden of payment to labour at the time of closure of unit etc.
“The Government feels that development of industry can be achieved only at the cost of labour. It contradicts the Ministry’s own declared Industrial Policy (1991) clause that no small section of society can corner the gains of growth, leaving workers to bear its pains and that labour should be an equal partner in progress
and prosperity,” said Saji Narayanan.

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