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Author: BMS      Date: 31 Jul 2012 14:54:27

To                                           DATED: 30.05.2012´╗┐                                                          
Sh. Pranab Mukherjee,
Hon’ble Finance Minister,
Ministry of Finance,
Government of India,
North Block,
NEW DELHI – 110 001

Respected Sir,

Some of the demands of the Bank employees are pending for a long time. The demands
are significant in particular reference of Bank employees and for Society concern in
general. The demands are not only oriented for workmen’s benefit, but also envelopes
the interest of the Society.
(A) Compassionate Appointment:
After a series of agitation, conciliation, litigation, etc. at the instance of the Chief Labour
Commissioner, Ministry of Labour, Government of India, the IBA and UFBU discussed
the issue of a revised scheme of appointments on compassionate grounds and financial
compensation to the families of workmen as well as officers, who die in harness while in
service of the Bank. Ultimately, a mutually accepted scheme was worked out in
February, 2009. It was informed to us that the revised scheme would be introduced and
implemented after approval by the Government of India.
A period of 30 months has since elapsed, yet implementation of the mutually accepted
scheme is withheld. You are well aware that the instances of premature death of
employees while in service are on a very low side and presumably less than 0.5% of the
total staff in a year. The scheme based on Government guidelines that was in existence
for more than 25 years was given a go-bye and even the revised scheme agreed to by the
IBA is not being implemented. It is noteworthy that in all other sectors viz. Central
Government, State Governments, Railways, Public Sector Units, LIC, RBI, etc – the said
scheme is in operation. But the apathy to this most genuine issue warranting sympathy
and humane consideration is highly regretful and deplorable.
(B) Do not outsource permanent banking jobs and normal banking services
and violate provisions of Bipartite Settlements on outsourcing:
The Government, the Bankers and the RBI are trying to encourage the policy of
outsourcing the permanent and perennial jobs in the banking industry. They are
escalating their efforts to outsource the regular jobs of the bank employees and officers.
Each Bank has unilaterally formulated its own outsourcing policy to contract out the
normal banking jobs. The provision of 9th Bipartite Settlement between IBA and Unions
restricts the scope of outsourcing to the area of IT and its related activities in respect of
specialized areas only where in-house capability is not available. Nevertheless. in
violation of this settlement, all types of routine/non-specialised jobs are being outsourced.
Recently, the Banks are resorting to appointment of Business Correspondents which is
equivalent to outsourced employees and are required to undertake the normal banking
work. Hence the policy needs to be reversed and permanent nature work should not be
(C) Conversion of Part Time Employees:
To suit the convenience, in the banks, thousands of employees are working on part
time/scale wages. After the advisory guidelines of Banking Division, Ministry of
Finance, some banks converted their Part Time Employees into full time employees. Still
most of the banks have not converted Part Time Employees. Therefore, we demand that
all Part time employees should be converted into Full time employees.
As per the 9th Bi-partite settlement banks have to convert all PTEs working on
consolidated wages to 1/3rd scale wages. We demand immediate implementation of the
9th Bi-partite settlement.
Still after the implementation of 9th Bi-partite settlement a large number of PTEs
working on leave vacancies. Similar, we demand that names of all remaining PTEs who
are working on leave vacancies should be incorporated in the panel for further
recruitment in banks.
(D) Business Hours and Lunch Time in Banks:
From time immemorial, the business hours for the customers was 4 hours within the total
working hours of 6 ½ hours. With the advent of technology and CBS, for benefit the
customers, Banking / Business hours were extended by another one hour. Of late, we
have been receiving complaints. that the Banks are resorting to indiscriminate increase in
Business Hours, Some Banks even for 6 hours out of 6 ½ hours thus not leaving adequate
time for back up work, cash tallying, etc. Even as per RBI guidelines, Banks can allow
non-cash transactions upto 1 hour prior to close of working hours. This also means that
for cash transactions, the timings should be still lesser. Some banks have discontinued the
common lunch time in branches which create confusion among the customers and
increase in customers complaints.
The unilateral and disproportionate increase in Business / Banking hours and
discontinued common lunch time is creating a lot of problems for the employees and
officers in the Branches and the same has to be regulated within the framework of RBI
(E) Sabbatical Leave/Child Care Leave for Women Bank employees:
Pursuant to the recommendations of 6th Pay Commission Government, women
employees in Government establishments got Child Care Leave with pay, whereas
sabbatical leave is being extended without pay and without any other benefit to the
women employees in the Banks. Thus women employees in the Banks are discriminated
as against Government employees. We demand sabbatical leave without any gender
difference in banks with prior discussion with the Unions and also to extend the Central
Govt. Scheme of child care leave for women employees of banks.
(F) Bank Deposit Collectors:
A sizeable number of Bank Deposit Collectors are working under different names like,
NND Agents in Canara Bank, Pigmy Deposit Agents in Syndicate Bank more than 30
years. Till today, they are deprived of justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court judgment dt.
28.3.1997 and Supreme Court judgment dated 13.2.2001. Since 1988, their wages are
fixed at Rs.750/- pm. which is less than the minimum wages of a daily wager.
They play a vital role in bringing low cost deposits to banks and also assisting banks for
other deposits and recovery of loans. On one side, the banks are appointing Business
Correspondents for financial inclusion and on the other side banks are giving low
remuneration to these poor Bank Deposit Collectors. They are deprived of minimum
wage, workmen statues, and social security benefits.
Hence we demand to implement the judgments of Hon’ble Andhra Pradesh High Court
and Hon’ble Supreme Court and request your good self to advise IBA to call Deposit
Collectors’ Unions to negotiate their justified demands of Wages, workmen status and
social security benefits.
(G)Regional Rural Banks:
RRB employees are demanding pension parity with sponser banks but despite Karnataka
High Court & Rajasthan High Court orders passed on 22-03-2011 & 15-09-2011
Government did not extend the pension scheme as existing in Nationalized Commercial
Banks. In the best interest of Rural India to provide uniform banking facilities at their
door steps Government is not setting up a mega bank ‘National Rural Bank of India’ by
amalgamating all existing 82 RRBs.
(H) Co-operative Banks:
The setting up of National Co-operative Bank of India be given urgent attention as the
Co-operative sector, free from encumbrances would contribute with mite for better rural
(I)Give Recognition to Reserve Bank Workers’ Organisation:
Reserve Bank Workers’ Organisation is an affiliated union of NOBW and having
sizeable membership in RBI and demanding recognition. We request you to advice the
RBI management to give recognition to Reserve Bank Workers’ Organisation and
negotiate with them.
(J) Settle immediate wage revision of IDBI Bank employees:
Wage revision of IDBI Bank employees is pending. In all financial institutions including
RBI, LIC and Banks wage revision is implemented and next is also due. But IDBI Bank
employees are deprived from last wage revision. Hence we demand to settle their wage
revision immediately.
Hence, we seek your kind attention and intervention on our issues to advice expeditious
actions by IBA in this regard in the larger interest of bank employees and banking
Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,



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