Economics: A Bharatiya View Point.

Bharat has its own economics. It alone had the privilege of evolving a scientific socio-economic order based upon realisation of Universal Laws. Modern materialistic religions are too young to appreciate mature wisdom of this ancient land. Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh aspires to represent this characteristically Bharatiya approach in the labour field of the country

Today mankind is confronted with a number of basic and baffling problems like,

How to reconcile –
  • Individual liberty with social discipline,
  • Incentive for individual development with urge for equality,
  • Economic growth with social justice;
  • Basic organic unity with apparent diversities;
  • State authority with industrial and civic self-governments;
  • System with spontaneity,
  • Social order with statelessness;
  • Self-restraint with self-unfoldment,
  • Rationalism with consciousness of the office and limitations of reason;
  • Specialisation with integrated view;
  • Material advance with spiritual elevation;
  • National self-reliance with international cooperation;

And, again. How to ensure –

  • Liberty without licentiousness,
  • Discipline without regimentation;
  • Status without privileges;
  • Unity without uniformity,
  • Stability without stagnation,
  • Dynamism without adventurism;
  • State authority without stateism;
  • Technological advance without loss of humaneness;
  • Material prosperity without crude 'materialism';
  • Vertical arrangement of societies without their horizontal division;
  • Humanism without homo-centricism.

On a national plane too, there are a number of urgent and challenging problems like How to reconcile –

Expansion of employment opportunities with upto-

  • date modern technology;
  • Decentralised processes of production with increase in productivity;
  • Nationalisation with public accountability;
  • Pace of urbanisation with cultural background;
  • Micro-planning at lower levels with macroplanning at national level;
  • Integration of various natural groups with the preservation of their distinct group characteristics;
  • Bharatiya values of life with the modern scientific and technological advance;
  • Demands of the modern age with the Sanatana ideals of Dharma. characteristically Bharatiya approach in the labour field of the country
And again, How to achieve –
  • Evolution of the world state enriched by the growth and contribution of different natural cultures;
  • Evolution of Manava Dharma** enriched by the perfection of all the religions including 'materialism'.
  • Needless to add that this enumeration is illustrative, not exhaustive Reconstruction and research go invariably together. Research -- intensive as well extensive -- in all departments of national and international life. BMS is convinced that these basic problems cannot be solved except on the basis of a Bharatiya Model.

    • ** Etymologically the word 'Dharma' is derived from the Samskrit root
    • 'Dhru' which means to hold or sustain.
    • Dharma is that which maintains and develops people.
    • 'Sanatana Dharma’ means eternal universal laws.
    • 'Manava Dharma’ means universal laws applicable to the humanity as a whole.
    • Paradigm of value-systems, institutional arrangements and
    • parameters is given in the formulation of BMS.

These are the two entirely different paradigms with their entirely different valuesystems, institutional arrangements and parameters.

Compartmentalised thinking Integrated thinking
Man - a mere material being Man - a physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual being
Society - a club of self-centred individuals Society - a body with all individuals therein as its limbs
Happiness for oneself Happiness for all
Acquisitiveness Non Possession
Profit motive Service motive
Consumerism Restrained consumption
Exploitation 'Antyodaya' (unto the last)
Rights - oriented Duty - oriented
Consciousness of others' duties Consciousness of others' rights
Contrived scarcities Abundance of production
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